Ability Tweaks [LL]

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Author: ADVENT Avenger
Last revision: 29 Jul at 19:01 2017 UTC


Personal tweaks I use. Making them available publicly for your own enjoyment. Subject to future changes.

GREEN: No AP cost.
WHITE: Costs 1 AP, doesnt end the turn.
BLUE: Costs 1 AP however ends the turn if you have 2 AP.
ORANGE: Requires 2 AP, ends turn of course.

Orange is also used to denote quest abilities such as hacking the objective or knocking out VIPs.

Najas get SnapShot
All aliens have Hunker Down (but youll need to add your own code if you want them to use it. The ability template is called HunkerDownNoAnim).

Both Insanity and MindSpin now:
– Are white abilities
– No longer allow Mind Control
– Have customizable cooldowns
– Cause 1 point of damage on hit to remove Overwatch mostly
– Schism and base damage both bypass Shields (Shieldbearer for example)

Added Focus Fire to Squadsight allowed.

Point Blank is now white (Both Barrels is still blue).

Placing the EVAC zone (the flare grenade) is now a white ability instead of 100% free.


– Putting down a unit you are carrying is now a Green ability.
– Knockout is now a Green ability. It’s the ability you use to KO VIPs.
– PSI Reanimation is now a White ability (No longer ends the turn). Raise your hand if every time you saw a Sectoid do PSI Reanimation instead of moving and firing you went "Alright a free turn!". Also note that if you give PSI Reanimation to an XCOM Psionic, he will also be able to use it as a White action.
– PSI Reanimation limited to visual range and to 20 tiles away maximum. The ADVENT Warlock is also patched.
– Stasis doesn’t end the turn in LW2, this is now fixed. Stasis is a borderline overpowered ability in the hands of a good player. It also now has 2 charges per mission.
– Scanning Protocol is now a Green ability because it’s placed so high in the tree now.
– Serial is now Green like Run and Gun, was Orange before (required 2 AP).
– Revival Protocol now has unlimited uses per mission and is Green. It has a 1 turn cooldown instead (once per turn).
– Kill Zone is now a Blue action but it requires only 1 Action Point to use.
– Mark Target (The Advent Captain ability) will use Squadsight and no longer breaks concealment if awarded to an XCOM unit.

– Throwing Axe is no longer a free action (white). However, Blademaster is now fixed. For the Axe, I will allow Blademaster to provide an additional bonus over Blademaster so it compensates for not having a full Fleche dash damage bonus. Texts have been fixed to show the bonuses.

If you don’t have Blademaster, Throw Axe provides a way to attack twice in a round when you shouldnt be able to which isn’t terrible (don’t forget the axe itself is powerful as melee).
If you have Blademaster, you deal deadly damage but it’s 1 charge per mission so it’s balanced.

– Bombard: Is now a Blue action that ends the turn instead of free.

– Focus Fire is now a Green ability (free).
– Oscar Mike is now a Green ability.
– Incoming! is now a White ability (needs 1 AP), was Green before.
– Jammer is now a White ability, was Blue before (ended the turn, not anymore).
– Fall Back! is now a White ability because if it’s green it can be abused for hit and run tactics, not what it’s been designed to do. It still can, but now it costs you something.
– Take This (The ability where you give a pistol to a civilian) is now Green (free).

– MindMerge: Now a White action that doesnt end turn.

-= TO DO =-
Increase Throw Axe weapon damage, whether you have Blademaster or not.

Change the LW2 INI settings of GetSome, make it 2 rounds duration, 1 charge, and requires 2 AP to use.

REVIVAL PROTOCOL CHARGES: If you want to remove the charges from the icon, put the REVIVAL_PROTOCOL_CHARGES in LONG WAR 2 INI to -1. The ability is now infinite use with 1 turn cooldown.

The LW2 colorizer sometimes doesnt work, but i’ve tested it and it seems the ability is modified correctly. Revival Protocol was white, but did not take any action points.

You need to UNSUBSCRIBE from two of my old mods if you pick this one (because this mod does it better):

Blademaster Fix
Free Unit Carry
Insanity Mind Control Fix
Aliens Get Hunker Down

This mod conflicts with my Customize All Abilities mod. You should use one or the other, not both.

Avoid "Revival Protocol Fix", it seems you can already cure Stun in LW2.

Overrides the Blademaster template because the Effect Array is a CONST and can’t be modified on the fly.

-= LOAD LAST [LL] =-
Preferable to be loaded last however I put in dynamic code to make it usable during any stage. It attempts to update the templates as fast as possible, then it checks if it did so instead of re-running non stop.

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