More ABA Guest Enemies For LW2

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Steam Workshop ID: 881919172 By: RealityMachina
Workshop Link | UPD: 11 Mar @ 9:13pm

Adds in the Codex and Andromedon variants from ABA2 to LW2, since those two enemy types seem to be infrequent with LW2 installed.

Specifically what's added are:


ADVENT Codex - lacks the ability to psi bomb, but can holotarget enemies she fires upon.

Codex ICE - with better aim and (if Alien Hunters is installed) a boltcaster equipped, this Codex's ready to ruin your day with a well placed shot.

Codex Bomber - this Codex absolutely loves psi-bomb, psi-bombing you even on reveal. (This may cascade badly with LW2's yellow alert system, I'll need reports on how that works.)

Codex Splitter - this Codex likes splitting upon first contact. She does this because she can regen HP, so I highly suggest taking care of the clones before they can start healing and make your life hell to go through.

Codex Nullifier - like a normal Codex, but she has Stasis. She'll try to knock out your highest ranking soldier as soon as possible.


Prometheus Suit: it's like a regular andromedon, except it specializes in burning you all alive.

(And in LW2, burning prevents you from using guns instead of being unable to melee!)

Since this variant is a bit weaker than normal andromedons, it has been bumped up a bit in how likely it can appear as a pod leader or follower, so hopefully you should get an Andromedon type appearing on a salvage mission.

Full credit to DerBk for A Better Advent 2, I just took some assets and scripts and compiled a working version for LW2.

Installing this mod will most likely require an .ini refresh, look here for more information.

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