Avenger Events

Author: RealityMachina
Last revision: 9 Mar at 05:49 UTC


Latest Update

Events should no longer proc while the Avenger or Skyranger is in flight.

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Ever want the quinessential Paradox event of Comet Sighted in your XCOM game?

Avenger Events are akin to the Events of Paradox Interactive’s games (or the Events and Decisions mod for CiV if you played that), they are random decision points that can help you out, but can also hinder you at the same time. You should start getting events once per month to a month and a half after you get the first supply drop.

The mod itself comes with 18 events. Details on them can be seen through the pinned topics in the discussion tab. In-game, you can see the details of your choices by hovering over them with your mouse.

Events should spawn anywhere from 7 to 35 days after the first resistance recap, and will have randomized intervals from there.

Shouldn’t conflict with any other mods, should work with an in-progress game.

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