Author: Doctor Mandarb
Last revision: 16 Apr at 11:51 UTC


My extra Map pieces! – Beta Version

You like XCOM 2 (most noticed within Long War 2) as much as I do, but kinda get sick to see almost always the same map pieces? Welcome to my Map Project!


Q: Can I use your mod without Long War?
A: Yes, it’s made for XCOM 2 and not specific Long War depentable. Long War brings you more missions which means more opportunities to run into my modded map pieces.

Q: Why is the mod in Beta?
A: Because I may forget to move rats, pigeons and othe minor details to the correct location, or forget to include them at all.

Currently included:

PCP – City Center: + 147
PCP – Slums: + 170 (Finished)
PCP – Small Town: + 158 (Finished)

Parcel – City Center: + 4

Check "Change Notes" to find out what has been added!

On a sidenote: Normally on Wednesday & Friday I play some XCOM 2 on twitch. So if you want to drop in to say "Hi" or perhaps be lucky to catch a glimpse of one of my PCP’s you are more then welcome:

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