Long War: ABA Guest Enemies

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Author: DerBK
Last revision: 19 Mar at 00:02 2017 UTC


— Long War: ABA Guest Enemies —
— Enemy plugin for Long War 2 —
— by DerBK —

Link to the original A Better ADVENT mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793861140
Link to the Long War 2 mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=844674609

—– What is this? —–

This mod inserts a total of 15-25 (to be determined) enemies from A Better ADVENT into your Long War 2 campaign. The difficulty of LW2 is largely unchanged, the ABA enemies have been rebalanced to fit into Long War by giving them stats that are identical or comparable to existing LW enemies. I also didn’t port any of the enemies that are too "out there" for a setting like Long War’s. So no firebreathing Berserkers… if you want that, play ABA 😉

—– Installation —-
First subscribe to Long War 2.
Then subscribe to this mod.
Do NOT sub to the original ABA or ABA2. This plugin has everything in it.

If you use alternative launchers or other gadgets, make sure that this mod comes behind LW2 in the load order.

Remember to clean out your ini files after changing your modlist just as usual: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/793861140/215439774865868203/

—– Enemies added by this mod —–

* ADVENT Gunslinger: A Trooper that carries a light pistol. He uses Faceoff, trying to deal a lot of small wounds. He’s unlikely to actually kill someone with that, but likely to send one or two of your guys to a timeout in the sickbay. Later tiers of the Gunslinger gain Lightning Hands for another free shot. Pew Pew.
* ADVENT Striker: A Trooper that carries a shotgun. This shotgun has a wide spread and low range, just like the ones that XCOM uses in Long War 2. Later tiers of the Striker use Close Combat Specialist for reaction shots in close quarters.
* ADVENT Kommissar: The Kommissar uses a heavy pistol with the Return Fire skill. Unlike in ABA, where he was a variant on the Captain, he’s a variant on the Sergeant in ABA:LW.
* ADVENT Seeker Drone: A version of the tier 2 Hunter Drone, the Seeker Drone has less health. It will however engage a chameleon circuit on activation that will cloak it until it strikes or a soldier moves close to it.
* ADVENT Sniper: This is a Shieldbearer with a Sniper Rifle.
* ADVENT Assault: This is a Stunlancer with a shotgun.

* Chryssalid Crawler: Baby Chryssalids. Appear early. Little life, not poisonous.
* Chryssalid Drone: Young Chryssalids. Still quite fragile, not poisonous. Can pack a punch against Kevlar, though.
* Chryssalid Hunter: Adolescent Chryssalid. Slightly below vanilla Chryssalids in stats. Poisonous.
* Chryssalid Hunterkiller: Elite Chryssalid. Tougher than a vanilla bug, not as tough as an LW2 Chryssalid Soldier. Poisonous.
* Chryssalid Spitter: Physically only slightly tougher than a Drone, but has a projectile attack it can use once to attack a soldier from range and poison him. Has Lightning Reflexes.

***Other Alien:
* Sectoid Soldier: These Sectoids have only weak psionics, all they can do is Raise Zombie. They are proficient with their wrist mounted plasma pistol, however.
* Sectoid Captain: Sectoid Captains are leaders of packs of Sectoid Soldiers which he will support with Mindspin and Holotargeting.
* Berserker Prime: Made of sterner stuff than the regular Berserkers, these Brutes are easily recognized by their enourmous size. Like the Berserkers fought during the invasion, the Primes get an immidiate reaction whenever they are hurt. Unlike those Berserkers of old times, the Primes can use this bonus action for an attack if he is in range.
* Archon Valkyrie: This Archon is a melee unit that uses a life-draining polearm to pound on soldiers in her range. Her unique ability, Ragnarok, is an AoE around her that causes panic and disorientation. Anyone caught by Ragnarok is an easy target for the melee pummeling that is sure to follow. Valkyries count as Tier 2 Archons.
* Archon Sentinel: This Archon specializes in using Overwatch to block a path. Guardian and Covering Fire is a deadly combination that can put serious hurt on soldiers that need to get past it. Sentinels count as Tier 1 Archons.
* Boa: The Boa is a large version of the Viper. She doesn’t have a ranged attack except for the tongue grab. Unlike other Vipers that release a grabbed target when hurt, a Boa will release its victim only after having suffered at least 10 damage.

These enemies are added to the random pool that pods are generated from.

—– Credits and Acknowledgments —–

Thanks go to:

Atheran, who did many of the changes to visuals. Without him, the ABA mods wouldn’t look even a fraction as good as they do now.
Kexx, for doing the Archon Valkyrie
CMDBob, for the ADVENT weapon models from his “Total ADVENT Weaponry”
Pavonis Interactive, for Long War 2 and the standalone mods associated with it

—– Permissions —–

Any modder is allowed to pilfer, re-use or re-upload any of my assets, scripts, doodads and thingamajigs in any way or form that he wants to. This of course doesn’t extend to the assets that i took myself from other people like the Drones by Pavonis Interactive or the Advent Weapons by CMDBob. When in doubt, just ask.

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