Diablo Nephelem- Li Ming

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Author: HakuWatari
Last revision: 11 Apr at 14:10 2016 UTC


"I’m so good i astound myself"
This pack adds Li Ming the rebellious wizard with around 200 voice files for a majority of actions. This pack was created as a few wanted Li Ming in an individual pack.

Video shows off some of the raw files used. Will do a full in game video when my Diablo pack is completed.
If you enjoy the voices of Heroes of the storm you can find more nephelem here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=654287751

With modshader fix!
fixed id issue
increased voice volume

All of voice files are taken from Heroes of the Storm

Demons? Minions of Darkness? Errors getting you down?
post a comment down below and I’ll try get back to you as soon as I can(expect a few minor ones, first timer here after all)

Credits go to Blizzard Entertainment for making the games and Grey DeLisle for her excellent voice acting of Li Ming