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Author: notgreat
Last revision: 15 May at 20:55 UTC


Adds Vigilance and Force Level (FL) display and makes the enemy strength provide numbers rather than just an uninformative word description.

You must load this after LW2 in mod load order. This should happen automatically if you subscribed to LW2 before subscribing to this mod.

-ADVENT Strength sets the number and types of pods, roughly "difficulty"
-FL is short for Force Level. It determines the types of aliens that can appear on missions, roughly "technology".
-Vigilance determines where ADVENT Strength is deployed. High vigilance regions get more strength, eventually. It also modifies which missions are available.
To quote XComGameState_WorldRegion_LWStrategyAI.uc: it represents how "on guard" the aliens are, how much they view XCOM (or others?) as a "threat"

Config variables are in XComGame.ini

Compatability information:
ModClassOverrides UIUtilities_Text_LW
UIDynamicClassOverrides UIStrategyMapItem_Region_LW

Required items:
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