Realistic War… or the "Mine Yours" Collection… ;)

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Collected by: krumiro


Fireaxis had to make many hard choices while programming strategic/tactical rules-dynamics giving often priority to "simplification" by sacrificing "plausibility" because they had to remember that the vast majority of "paying customers" simply can’t handle too many game aspects simultaneously and too complex game rules…

…but real life IS complex, and "realistic" games have to reflect such complexity to feel credible… so, for the rest of us who only love intellectually challenging strategy games, who love games not only when they are "difficult" (hard to win) but also when they are "complex" (with many rules/aspects/dimensions/controls to keep in mind simultaneously) and therefore not afflicted by the "Super Mario" or "Floppy Bird" syndrome (by the "Hard to win but mindlessly simplified, zero-IQ requiring, 1-button game" syndrome), who love science fiction not when it has special effects but only when it is believable… for the rest of us here is my personal XCOM reprogramming fixing everything (I could) that in my opinion was ruining the feeling of "immersion" into the XCOM world by damaging plausible credibility (also known as the "Bat-Computer" syndrome)… 😉

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