Allies Unknown Redux Species: Salarians

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Author: RealityMachina
Last revision: 25 Sep at 22:07 2017 UTC


The amphibians of Sur’Kesh join the real war.

With a 60 supplies base recruitment price, these soldiers excel at reacting to enemy movement, moreso than they do in standard combat.


Salarians have access to Salarian Reflexes, which gives them +20 Aim on reaction fire shots, and Ready for Anything, which lets them automatically enter overwatch with a standard shot of a primary firearm.

In terms of stat variations, they are identical to humans except in Aim and Dodge:

Salarians have 60 aim and 15 dodge

Same as rookie.

Salarians have 60 aim and 10 dodge

Same as Commander

These stats can be changed in the mod’s XComGameData_CharacterStats.ini

Known Issues

Should be fine.


Kexx for porting the assets this mod uses.

Ginger for providing the expanded namelist and custom flag.

Required items:
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