[WOTC] Dynamic Pod Activation

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Author: Anisotropic
Last revision: 17 Sep at 21:48 2017 UTC


Sick of carefully moving one tile away from pod activation zones? Tired of how you can lob grenades everywhere, and blow up fuel tanks, while the aliens behind a nearby wall keep talking about the weather?

This tweaks pod activation to make missions messier and more exciting. Think of this as a ‘lite’ version of the original All Pods Active mod. Nearby pods of enemies can now activate proactively if they know XCom is around.
Pods get alerted by hearing sounds (explosions, gunfire, …), seeing a dead ally, or seeing other allies in combat. For those who played Long War 2, think of Yellow Alert mechanics.

Don’t worry, you will always have a full turn to react to whatever happens – these reactions will only happen on the alien turn.

Mod is very configurable and can also be used as a WOTC-compatible All Pods Active mod (just set ActivateEverything=true in the INI).


Overrides XComGameState_AIUnitData.
Can be safely added to (or removed from) any saved game that’s not currently in a mission.