Additional Mission Types Redux

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Author: RealityMachina
Last revision: 18 Jun at 21:38 2018 UTC


The expansion added a lot, but there’s still a couple spots that could use filling.

Currently adds:

Emergency Extraction – Council Mission Type
A resistance operative has been made and has requested for an emergency extraction. The good news is that a faction operative and a local resistance cell responded.

The bad news is that now they need help. Which is where XCOM comes in. Due to ADVENT’s lock down of the area, Firebrand will need to drop off XCOM and take some turns to come back for the evac. Prepare for reinforcements and a SITREP that’ll vary depending on the operative:

  • Reaper – The Lost
  • Templar – Psionic Storm
  • Skirmisher – Show Of Force

The faction soldier on the ground will follow direct orders from the Commander, though they will return to their faction after mission completion: the resistance cell will operate independently.

Rescue Haven Survivors – Retaliation Mission Type
The people of this haven tried evacuating before the ADVENT retaliation, managing to take what supplies and resources they could carry, but ADVENT caught up with them as they were moving through an abandoned city. Now they need our help.

Works like a bit like a LW2 mission: you need to escort surviving resistance personnel, both armed and unarmed, to the designated evac point. Some will already be under XCOM’s control, while others will need one of the squad to rescue them.

Every civilian rescued will contribute rewards to XCOM.

Don’t linger too long once you start evacuating people, ADVENT and the Lost will keep coming as long as you remain in the AO.

Neutralize Avatar Project VIP – Sabotage Mission Type
A port from the original additional mission types mods. Effectively a Neutralize Target mission set in an Avatar Project facility. Timer will not start until concealment is broken.

Escort Res. Operative To ADVENT Facility – Guerilla Op Mission Type
A resistance operative has managed to help expose an access port to a workstation, and is in the AO ready to assist XCOM with the objective. A mirror to the Neutralize Field Commander mission type, using Hack Workstation as a base.

Prepare for surprise reinforcements with no evac, however. 1 wave for Veteran and below, 2 waves for Commander+.

There are both tactical and strategic bonuses for keeping the operative alive, and accomplishing the primary objective with them.