Free the Hood – WotC

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Author: Lex
Last revision: 29 Sep at 11:05 2017 UTC


Well, it’s done. Free the Hood – WotC Edition
For the vanilla version look here: Free The Hood

What it does:
Adds more customization options using vanilla assets

This Version is made for the full package of DLC and Capnbubs Accessories Pack

Note: If you don’t use Capnbubs Accessories or some of the DLC you should delete the respective section at the bottom of the XComContent.ini found here:

Note2: For load order reasons it’s best to subscribe to Capnbubs pack fist and FtH second.

Using the ski mask or Balaclava face props without a proper helmet clips hair like crazy.
You have been warned.
Obviously some other combinations don’t work so well and create clipping problems.

You should check his Capnbubs Accessories Pack mod out as it adds some awesome stuff for customizing your soldiers.
Capnbubs Accessories Pack – WotC

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Both headbands are included so you don’t need the Red Headband standalone if you use the Prop Pack.