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Author: ADVENT Avenger
Last revision: 22 Sep at 14:25 UTC


This is my own personal repository for miscellaneous ability and item tweaks for the game. These are not bugfixes (ok i lied maybe some of them are, but some arent).


– All aliens get Hunker Down. They probably will only use it if you force them to panic. It also removes burning when used just like yours. You can use it if you control them also.
– Mark Target can be used at Squadsight and no longer breaks Concealment.
– Proximity Mines break Concealment when tossed (This can be abused severely).
– The Mimic Beacon always breaks Concealment whether you put it on or not (XCom technical problem), so i put it to always break so at least the tooltip is correct and the Red Eye shows.
– PSI Reanimation now requires Line Of Sight to the dead body, and the target range is limited to 17 tiles (same as a gun). It also doesnt end the turn, so Sectoids are an actual threat now.
– ADVENT Purifier ideal range is now it’s max weapon range minus 1 instead of the default game value as its ideal range. This will make him close in more, 10 is outside his weapon range which leads to weird behavior.
– AVATARs are immune to stun
– Chryssalid no longer has the Burrow ability
– The Codex is no longer "afraid of fire" since it is immune to it.
– The Chryssalid Cocoon unit is now immune to Poison, Acid and Mental.
– The Chryssalid is now immune to Acid.
– Civilians no longer trigger enemy Overwatch (only basic civilians, not the resistance).
– The Codex has Lightning Reflexes instead of Shadowstep.
– The Spectre has Shadowstep instead of Lightning Reflexes.
– The XCOM Avenger turrets now have Guardian.
– The Lost melee attack now has reduced environmental damage and should no longer pulverize environment items like a grenade.
– The WAR Suit provides Bulwark instead of Shieldwall (an ability that never worked correctly).
– Viper Tongue Pull now has a small cooldown so it can no longer be spammed.
– Fortress now includes Frost immunity.
– ADVENT MEC Launcher is now 14 tiles max for M1, 16 tiles max for M2. In theory, a shoulder mounted weapon like they have IRL would fire a lot farther than that, but you really cant have that for balance reasons.
– ADVENT MEC Launcher will destroy terrain. It is just a hair below the Frag Grenade in terms of power for terrain destroying.
– ADVENT MEC Launcher noise level fixed and also is now considered an explosion (THAT one was a Firaxis bug).
– Turrets now have Squadsight across the board.

– Chosen Sniper: Tracking Shot now requires actual Line of Sight and visibility to the target. No firing on tiles that cant be seen from the Chosen Sniper position anymore (Predictive Firing technology ™)

– Purifiers now have 100% hit guaranteed. They cant reach against High Cover directly from the front however.
– Templar Parry now costs 1 Focus (I’m not making any friends today).
– Scanning Protocol out-of-center targeting, an old Vanilla bug, is now fixed again.
– Templar Pillar ability is now a free action, allowing it to be used as a reaction-defensive cover ability instead of a preemptive attack cover ability. You can still use it as offensive cover, but it’s best used to shield unexpected flanked allies.

– Volt has been renamed Mind Surge to show that it:
1. does extra damage to psionics and
2. does not damage robots and is not electrical.
No change to the ability whatsoever else.
– Arc Wave damage tweaked. The damage for low focus is up and the damage at the higher end is down. This way the ArcWave afterblast should no longer deal more damage than the actual initial strike.
Focus 0 1 damage,
Focus 1 2 damage,
Focus 2 4 damage,
Focus 3 6 damage.
Always ignores armor.

Focus 0 1 damage,
Focus 1 2-3 damage,
Focus 2 3-4 damage,
Focus 3 4-5 damage.
Armor piercing capability increases directly with Focus (1 Focus = 1 AP).

– Added text to changed abilities to help you.
– Shieldbearer Shield now has 2 charges and doesn’t end the turn when used.
– Soulfire now causes a lingering "Mindfire" effect which reduces the target’s Will and PSI Offense scores by 25 for 2 turns if it hits. It doesnt stack, but it refreshes if you have multiple PSIs burning a unit. Mindfire has it’s own tooltip, description and icon. This will make Soulfire more attractive especially compared to Volt (Mind Surge).

– Fuse will now correctly cause environmental damage for the MEC Launcher.
– Fuse now has a 2 turn cooldown (1 active) so you don’t spam it every round.
– Insanity invalid target fixes (It allowed giving action points to stunned or panicked targets).
– MindSpin now has a cooldown that mirrors Insanity exactly instead of both being separate.
– Null Lance range is now 17 tiles (exactly the same as a regular gun).
– Schism now bypasses shields and armor, not just armor. The regular portion of Void Rift does not bypass shields, only the Schism effect.
– Made extra sure that Inspire doesnt break Concealment. Inspire isn’t exactly top tier material, but when used properly in a concealment setup it might be awesome.
– Spectre "Horror" bypasses shields, goes straight to the soul.

– Throwing the Hunter Axe now triggers proper dialog (I missed!) and the like.
– You can no longer Mark Target while carrying a unit.

– Templar Exchange and Invert now require Line Of Sight between the Templar and the target. Still no range requirement however.
– Templar ReflectShot (the proc from Deflection) now costs 1 Focus upon firing. The cost will only activate if reflect shot happens. You always have that Focus point because you need it for the check to take effect.
– Pillar’s duration was increased by 1.

– Stasis ends the turn when used, even as the first action.
– Pistol Return Fire doesnt trigger if suppressed or panicked
– PSI Bomb and Stasis both properly remove Suppression on the person firing and the target.

– None right now. Playing.

– Berserker allowed to hit after moves like a Ranger
– Ripjack Unlock in Skirmisher Tree should allow 1 action hit without moving, it should have a 1 turn cooldown so if you have 3 or more actions you dont spam it over and over. Will also give it to Ranger just like in LW.

– Poison damage bypasses shields.

– Turrets now have Bulwark (Lost Towers, ADVENT and XCOM all the same).

You’ll need to change the parameter below if you want to remove the bonus armor. This also applies to the SPARK, so you might want to just give the SPARK one free ARMOR point.


[SparkSoldier X2SparkCharacterTemplate_DLC_3]

You don’t have to change anything, this is optional.

-= NOTES =-

More to come that’s for sure. Mod is subject to incremental change so do not subscribe and forget if you do not trust me or align with my philosophy.