CPU Custom Class (War of the Chosen Ver.)

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Author: Mid-Boss
Last revision: 15 Sep at 18:11 2017 UTC


War of the Chosen CPU Custom Class

Update 15/09/2017

(Bugfix) Added lines to the code that should allow special ammo to be used with HDD.

(Bugfix) Missed shots dealt 2 damage with HDD active. There’s now a check to see if you deal damage before applying the +2.

Class Overview

The CPU is designed to be an offensive class, combining the stat boots gained from their squaddie ability HDD with other skills to power them up and increase their hit chance.

The left tree is focused on abilities that provide strong sources of damage and firepower whereas the right tree leans more towards abilities that compliment both your teammates and the aggressive nature of the CPU class.

Changes From The Original Class

I wanted to take advantage of the changes in WotC, so I have added some new features and tweaks to skills that I felt needed to be buffed from the original versions.

2 new skills on a third skill tree named ‘Overclock’ – Distant Counter (Major Rank) and Overwhelm (Colonel Rank). Details can be found in the skill breakdown section. They can be purchased with AP.

– Can gain 4 AWC perks. These can be purchased from the training centre with AP (XCOM skill tree).
– Untouchable and Implacable removed from AWC pool for this class.
– Smite now deals damage and has a 50% stun chance. (Will disorient if stun fails)
– Sentient decreases opponent’s chance to hit you by 100% instead of a huge armor increase.
– Small spelling and grammatical tweaks.

Skill Breakdown



Sacrifice 15 Defense (Recovers at the start of the next turn) for +2 damage, +20% Hit chance and +25% Critical Hit chance this turn. This boost can be combined with other abilities. 2 Turn Cooldown. Free action point cost.


[Faith Tree] Swiftness

Gain 2 additional points to the mobility stat. This is a permanent, passive stat boost.

[Leadership Tree] Prioritize

Mark a taget, giving everyone (Including yourself) +10 Aim on it. 2 Turn Cooldown. 1 action point cost.


[Faith Tree] Smite

Pistol attack that deals reduced damage (-1 from pistol damage calculation). Has a 50% chance to stun the target. If stun fails, will disorient instead. 3 Turn Cooldown. Ends turn when used.

[Leadership Tree] Part Break

Attack that focuses on breaking foe’s armor, shredding up to 6 points. 2 Turn Cooldown. Ends turn when used.


[Faith Tree] Share Blast

Fire a blast of energy in a narrow, long path in front of you. Can receive +2 damage from HDD too. 100% chance to hit targets in range. Costs 3 ammo. 3 Turn Cooldown. Ends turn when used.

[Leadership Tree] Nep Bull

Self-use beverage that restores 4 health points to the user.
2 Uses per battle. Uses 1 action point.


[Faith Tree] Implacable

If you score one or more kills on your turn, you are granted a single bonus move. (Vanilla Skill)

[Leadership Tree] Untouchable

If the unit scores a kill, the next attack against them will always miss. (Vanilla Skill)


[Faith Tree] Patience

Wait for an opening from the enemy. This attack deals +2 bonus damage and is guaranteed to hit. HDD will incrase that damage further to +4 bonus damage. 3 Turn Cooldown. Ends turn when used.

[Leadership Tree] Sentient

Decrease enemy’s chance to hit you by 100% for the rest of this turn. Helps avoid death in tight spots. 4 Turn Cooldown. Ends turn when used.

[Overclock Tree] Distant Counter
This Ability can be purchased from the Training Centre with 14 AP.

This unit will fire a pistol shot at any and all enemy units (within direct line of sight) that attack them from range. This shot will interrupt the enemy’s action, and you will fire before they do.
(Similar to the Return Fire skill, but can trigger multiple times per turn and triggers before the enemy hits you)


[Faith Tree] Next Gen

One of the CPU’s Gamechangers. Strike all foes in range with a pistol. Inflicts stun on the first target (If it hits them). 4 Turn Cooldown. Ends turn when used.

[Leadership Tree] Warp

One of the CPU’s Gamechangers. Allows the user to warp to another location within their current movement range and ignore overwatch fire when doing so. 4 Turn Cooldown. Costs 1 action point.

[Overclock Tree] Overwhelm
This Ability can be purchased from the Training Centre with 15 AP.

One of the CPU’s Gamechangers. Fire four consecutive pistol attacks at an enemy. Each shot suffers -2 damage, but HDD will neutralize the damage. 4 Turn Cooldown. Ends turn when used.


Histy’s Training

Gains a simple +10 to critical chance. This is a passive boost.