Repeatable Alien Hunter Armors

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Authors: Ginko, KnaveOfSpades
Last revision: 14 Sep at 09:59 UTC


This is the War of the Chosen Version of Repeatable Alien Hunter Armors by KnavesOfSpades

Current Version: 0.1.2
Most Recent Update: 14th September, 2017
Now with ModConfigMenu Support.
(MCM is not needed but an optional feature! Anyway i set it to needed here but it is not.)

A few Words by Ginko
The complete credits for this Mod have to go to KnavesOfSpades!
After missing this one soo much in War of the Chosen i asked him if i could recompile and hunt down the errors for him what he kindly allowed.
At first i didn’t wanted to release it and hand the code back to him so he gains the credit he deserves but after chatting with him for a while we came to the conclusion that it would be good if someone with War of the Chosen handles the Release and Updatecontrol.
So that’s the reason why he offered me the Control over this mod which i accepted feeling honored.
If you look for the Vanilla version please see following Link:
Also i want to thank Charmed, without his Camera Mod i would still read the MCM Tutorial and understand nothing.

What does it do?
Creates 3 repeatable projects in the Proving Ground:
*Replicate Serpent Armor
*Replicate R.A.G.E. Armor
*Replicate Icarus Armor

Each time you complete a project it gives you one new copy of the respective armor.

What do the projects cost?
All Costs including time are configurable in the .ini file or in the ModConfigMenu
*Time: 10 days (assuming no engineer in Proving Ground)
*Supplies: 300
*Corpses: 3 (requires Viper for Serpent Armor, Berserker for R.A.G.E. Armor, and Archon for Icarus Armor)
*Elerium Cores: 1
*Alien Alloys: 25
*Elerium Crystals: 15

What are the project prerequisites?
*Research Respective Alien Monarch Autopsy
*Research Base Alien Autopsy (see above)
*Research Powered Armor
*Comple Proving Ground Project to build your first copy of the Armor

You cannot change the prerequisites in the ini file. If you don’t like them, you are welcome to change the code to suit your desires.

None so far
There may be a problem if you didn’t chosed to not integrate Alien Hunter and Shen’s Last Gift in the Starting Options because i have no idea at the moment if the Vanilla Researches that came with Alien Hunter still exist when doing otherwise.
Please let me know if there are Problems with the Integration of Alien Hunter into War of the Chosen.
Also if possible provide a Savegame with no Alienruler Research done.
That would make debugging much easier.

Q: Why is it for the upgraded armors? Can you make it build the base armors and let me upgrade them?
A: Firaxis implemented the armors and their upgrades in a kind of wierd way. Making that would would make the mod about 3 times as complex, and screw that noise. I compromised my making you research the requirements for the upgrade before unlocking the projects.

Q: Can I eliminate the requirements for the time/[insert resource here]?
A: Cheater! Just kidding, play your game the way you want. That’s the point of mods after all.
Yes, just set the value for the cost (including time) to zero in the ini file to eliminate the requirement.
If you set the time to zero, the project will complete itself the next time you go to the bridge.

Q: Can I do [insert anything here] with your mod/code?
A: Sure. Have at.

Finally, a special thanks to reddit user /u/cook447 whose post made this mod possible. I shameless borrowed code from his examples to make this work. Many Thanks.

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