Buildable Geth Redux

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Author: RealityMachina
Last revision: 25 Sep at 21:14 2017 UTC


Can’t tire out these machines.

Geth Primes are now buildable by XCOM! After researching Mechanized Warfare or completing Lost Towers, Geth Model: Prime will show up in the Proving Grounds.

They are similar to SPARKs in terms of class and design (they are unable to take cover), however, they have some key differences:

Primes, due to their more humanoid nature, carry normal cannons and wield heavy weapons normally.

Primes still use BITs to use abilities like Bombard, but gain bonuses to hacking the better armour they have.

Primes are a bit weaker in terms of total HP, but have 50% resistance against melee damage and Pulse, a shockwave ability that grants the Prime a few shield points, along with damaging any enemies around the Prime.

Primes cost 200 supplies, 10 elerium dust, 20 alloys, and 2 elerium cores.

Geth Soldiers are also available! Equivalent to normal soldiers, they only have the Geth-Designed Shell trait, sharing the same melee damage reduction trait as Primes. In addition, they give up a point of HP in exchange for Shield HP, and have a relatively high starting hack stat.

They have half the costs of Primes when building them in the Proving Ground.

If Allies Unknown is installed, they can be recruited for 100 supplies if they appear, or for varying amounts of intel/supplies at the black market.

Both sets of Geth are immune from being tired.

Known Questions/Issues

Should be nothing.


Musashi for helping me figure out how to properly scale Geth Primes.

Kexx for making the Geth mod this mod uses assets from, and for helping me out as I tried to get Primes to be as big as they should be.

EA and Bioware for publishing and making the Mass Effect series.

Ginger for providing the Geth Consensus flag.

Required items:
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