Larger spawn points

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Author: -bg-
Last revision: 21 Dec at 03:50 2016 UTC



You know if you have more than 9 soldiers in vanilla, the spawn generator get messed up and you spawn next to objective and the rest of your squad that don’t fit all spawn on the same tile? No more such problems if you enable this mod, by default this mod increases the spawn point from 3×3 to 5×5, or increase it even further by increasing steamappsworkshopcontent268500637375137ConfigXComGame.ini EXTRA_TILE property

TROUBLESHOOTING: If for some reason this mod is not working for you, copy both files from SteamAppsworkshopcontent268500637375137CookedPCConsole to DocumentsMy GamesXCOM 2XComGameCookedPCConsole, then it should work. And then delete those files when you want to disable the mod. (The Nov 8 update should skip this step for real this time)

NOTE: this mod does not increase squad size, you must increase them yourself through INI edits/other mods

NOTE 2: Increasing EXTRA_TILE too much with a small squad will result in your soldiers spawn pretty far away from each other

NOTE 3: This mod does not modify alien pod spawns, so don’t blame me if you activate aliens on first turn with your 99 man squad.

Thanks to abeclancy from nexus forums and Ryan McFall of Firaxis Game Studios for making this possible.

WARNING: As any XCOM 2 mods do, saving a game with a mod enabled will cause the save game only work if and only if the mod is enabled, since this mod replaces behaviours that only affect current session, there should be no problem disabling this mod, if you want to disable it, you will need

WARNING 2: Using a base game file replacement means this mod will break on the next update, I will compile an updated one ASAP when the patch drops.

Problems? Follow this guide first! it may solve your problems (applies to all mods)

Compatibility Note:
This mod overrides XComGame.upk (Yes, you read it right, the base game itself) and will not be compatible with any mods that overrides the same file.