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Authors: Maluco Marinero, Musashi, x2communitycore, robojumper
Last revision: 8 Nov at 12:50 UTC


What IS the X2CommunityHighlander

A Highlander is a XComGame replacement, which replaces the code of the Vanilla
game, without requiring any ModClassOverrides to do so. As implied by the name,
there can only be one Highlander, so it’s important to make a highlander address
as many modding use cases as possible, as well as incorporating bugfixes that
would require class overrides to implement.

The X2WOTCCommunityHighlander is a new highlander built from the same
processes we used in the X2CommunityHighlander. We endeavour to maintain
backwards compatibility for modders so they can do whatever great ideas they
want to implement safely and with less hassle.

But what does it actually do??

It provides lots of configuration and hooks for modders to do much more with the game without Class Overrides, so more mods can live in harmony doing all sorts of crazy things. It also provides bugfixes that would otherwise requires a Class Override.

The full list of documented changes can be found here:

How do I use the Highlander?

Enable the mod as per normal. The game WILL CRASH if enabled with any other highlanders, as they will conflict. There is really not much benefit to using the Community Highlander without other mods that make use of it, however we will ship fixes to Vanilla XCOM 2 if they are best done with the highlander to avoid depending on ModOverrides.

I want to help, or report problems

It would be super helpful to us if all issues are posted in:


The code is open source so contributions are welcome in the form of pull requests, please read the guidelines before getting started though.

Thank you for trying out the highlander. Our objective is to support all modders to be all they can be, so if you have suggestions please let us know, keeping in mind the Highlander will preserve vanilla behaviour as much as possible besides literal bugfixes, everything else will be provided in the form of configuration or hooks so modders can make the decisions on what to do.