Primary Secondaries

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Author: Musashi
Last revision: 22 Jan at 17:04 UTC


Primary Pistols and Primary Melee Weapons

Requires War of the Chosen Expansion and the WotC Community Highlander.

Please don’t use this together with my "Primary Pistols" mod. The mods collide with each other.

This mod generates primary variants of all pistols and melee weapons in the game.

They are unlocked together with their secondary counterpart.

It supports all DLC and XPack weapons (Except Alienhunter Axes) and every melee weapon or pistol of any mod,
since the the primary weapons are generated at game initializtion from whatever you have installed.

Soldiers equippied with primary variant use a slightly modified version of the templar animations.

Additionally this mod incorporates the Pistol Upgrades mod which means it adds
visual attachments for the vanilla pistols (primary and secondary).

Primary Pistols have a clip size of 6
and they provide +3 mobility and -20% detection radius and +1 damage (can be disabled or modified in XComPrimarySecondaries.ini).

Specialist, Grenadier and PsiOperative are enabled to use primary melee weapons, primary pistols and templar sidearms.
Sharpshooter can use primary melee weapons and Rangers Primary Pistols/Sidearms.
This is not fully tested and could be buggy for abilities like supression e.g. Feedback is welcome.
Also you can’t use ranged abilities with swords of course.

Credits to:
Krakah for the pistol attachments.

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