[WotC] Useful Autopsies – ADVENT Purifier

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Author: ArcaneData
Last revision: 30 Jul at 17:17 UTC


Makes the Purifier Autopsy worth your time – unlocks the newly-improved Flamethrower and Incendiary Grenade!

Why are your engineers wasting elerium cores in the Proving Ground, erratically inventing random incendiaries, while the Purifier (flamethrower and all) sits unstudied in the lab? Not anymore!

  • flamethrowers and incendiary grenades are no longer obtained through Experimental Projects; they are now unlocked by the Purifier autopsy
  • incendiary grenades are built in Engineering for 80 supplies and 1 purifier corpse; they upgrade to bombs as normal
  • flamethrowers are built in the Proving Ground for 75 supplies, 5 elerium crystals, and a purifier corpse
  • flamethrowers have been buffed to be worth taking against the rocket launcher – they now have shorter range but higher spread, with two uses per mission; hellfire projectors have been buffed likewise
  • incendiary grenades have been buffed back to pre-WotC levels, without effecting the Purifier’s own equipment
  • Reinforced Underlay upgrade is unaffected, and is still obtained through the autopsy
  • research texts and item descriptions have been modified, so the mod feels like just another part of the game

The mod has been thoroughly tested for bugs, so it shouldn’t cause any issue with your campaigns. I aim for my mods to be of high quality, and to integrate seamlessly with the base game.


This mod doesn’t override any classes, so it should be compatible with almost everything. The only things to worry about are other mods which modify the experimental grenade / heavy weapon projects, or otherwise alter how the flamethrower and incendiaries are acquired. It’s been reported to conflict with "ADVENT Armoury – Flamethrower" as well, so avoid using both mods together.

It is compatible with existing saves, even if the autopsy is already complete, and works with new campaigns as well. This mod will detect the presence of Tier III Grenades by Farkyrie and make the appropriate modifications for full compatibility.

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