Item Durability

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Author: RealityMachina
Last revision: 26 Dec at 16:52 2017 UTC


That’s right, everybody’s favourite* mechanic from Long War is back, to get you to be more diverse in your loadouts.

* – definition at use may vary from conventional usage

The Basics

Any non-infinite items that XCOM produces now have some form of durability. All items will take damage if their user takes damage.

Weapons and Armours get worn out from being used on missions: Items such as EXO suits will break if used too many times in a row.

Most utility items by contrast, do not experience mission fatigue. As long as their user doesn’t get too heavily damaged during a mission, it’ll only take Engineering a short amount of time to repair any damage incurred.

An item can still be used if it has lost item HP, but once it hits 0, it is considered Damaged. This makes it unusable to XCOM until it is fully repaired by engineering.

Engineering related facilities like the Workshop, along with added breakthroughs, can allow XCOM to be more efficient at repairing and maintaining items.

The Details

Engineering can repair 2HP per day by default. They work on all items simultaneously. The repair rate goes as low as 1HP, but XCOM can never lose the ability to repair items.

Weapons and Armours get 100 HP. They lose 25 HP every time they’re taken on a mission.

Most utility items get 25 HP. They do not experience mission fatigue. In exchange, they take longer to repair and maintain: they add -1 HP to Engineering’s repair rate.

Several specific items have been given special rules:

Frostbombs and the Mimic Beacon have 50 HP…but lose 20 HP every time they’re taken on a mission. They otherwise work like utility items.

Alien Hunters and Chosen weapons have 75 HP, and deduct -2 HP from Engineering’s repair rate.

The Help

Proving Grounds: If built, this adds 1 HP to Engineering’s repair rate.

If the Proving Ground breakthrough is researched, the Proving Grounds then adds 2 HP to Engineer’s repair rate, instead of 1.

Workshop: if built, every 4 engineers XCOM has will add 1 HP to Engineering’s repair rate.

If the Workshop breakthrough is researched, the requirement is reduced to every 3 engineers.

Engineering Bay Breakthrough: if researched, Shen lowers the mission fatigue of all items by 5 HP. So a Frostbomb will only lose 15 HP per mission isntead of 20.

In addition, the UI in the armory will show you the remaining days left on items, along with showing the next three items to be repaired by Engineering.


]How does this interact with mods that make more items limited?
It affects them all items that aren’t infinite.

So if you have a mod that makes everything run on XCOM 1 rules, you’ll get that fine repair experience everybody asked for.

I wanna change some stuff.
(wherever XCOM is installed)steamappsworkshopcontent2685001244105000Config

XComItemRepair.ini will have the variables you’re looking for.

Does this work with Linux/MacOSX systems?
No. The highlander has been unable to update for those systems due to the latest patches not being released yet.

Please bug 2K or Feral Interactive to fix that already instead of coming to me.

Future Thoughts

Add a Chosen Sabotage where they break random amounts of items instead?

Required items:
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