The Lasgun – WotC Edition

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Author: Jo11y R0g3r
Last revision: 20 Dec at 23:26 2017 UTC


Purge Xeno filth in the name of the Emprah with some spiffy WotC-compatible Lasguns

Fully compatible with WotC and (probably?)Vanilla
4 guns in 3 tiers; 1 Conventional tier, 1 Mag tier, and 2 Plasma tier (flashy gold mastercraft, less flashy hotshot)
Tintable if you prefer your weapons flamboyant (apply a camo first)
Full attachment support

Even has a UI icon

The Lasguns feature comparable damage to their respective assault rifle tier counterparts, with a separate schematic. The separate schematic cost is more or less outwieghed by the "upgrade" of innate rapid fire.

Sorry it took so long my dudes, school and starting a business killed all my free time.
On the upside though, check out my other business stuff at
If there’s any interest in it, comment and I’ll throw some discount codes up on here


Future Plans:

Hotshot or Multi-las variant for Gunner
Long-Las variant for sniper
Maybe some Imperial Guard armor or a helmet or something


Change notes:

1.0 – Initial release


Should be none, let me know if you find something


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Armor used in the previews is from e32s Black Ops mod apparently

and to hopefully avoid any issues:
Laser projectile/sound assets courtesy of Pavonis Interactive
Warhammer property of GamesWorkshop