[WOTC] Front Soldier Class

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Author: Nor Dogroth
Last revision: 10 Jan at 14:25 UTC


Hi folks, let me introduce a new soldier class for War of the Chosen

The Front Soldier (German Frontsoldat) is a new soldier class that fits perfectly to the other basic classes. I focused on balancing and adding new features the other classes don’t have in that way. The class introduces 10 new abilities and some of them can appear as XCOM abilities in the training center for other classes. Many ability settings can be changed ind the config file.


Class description

The Front Soldier uses a cannon or shotgun and a pistol to make high damage to single enemies. He has on the one side several special shooting abilities to learn and can, on the other side, improve his basic states with passive abilities.
The standard ability ‘heavy fire’ is a modified version of ‘hail of bullets’ from Grenadiers that needs two action points and has no cool down.

Ability Trees

Left: Front Gunner

  • Heavy Fire
    • Needs 3 ammo and 2 action points but gives a guaranteed hit.
  • Suppression
    • Vanilla skill from Grenades, for shotguns you need a Highlander mod to support the animation.
  • Aim for the Heart
    • Shoot with half accuracy against a single humanoid target; if you hit the target will die if it has no shields.
  • Faceoff
    • Vanilla skill
  • All in One
    • Fire up to three shots, the first one with -20, the last one with +15 accuracy. Ability ends when a shot misses or the target dies. 3 Ammo and long cooldown.
  • Saturation Fire
    • Vanilla skill
  • Marauder
    • Attacks with your primary weapon don’t end your turn (WOTC skill).

Right: Good Student

  • Pistol Shot
    • Make use of the pistol (basic skill).
  • Free Target Field
    • +5 Accuracy and +1 damage against all targets without cover or for flank attacks.
  • Near Field Control
    • +2 damage for pistol shots against targets in a 4 tile range.
  • Aim at Wounds
    • +1 damage against wounded targets.
  • Careful Move
    • Grants +15 defense but reduces mobility by 2.
  • Shooting Master
    • +1 damage for primary weapons, skill taken from ‘Richards Classes’ – credits to Richard
  • Use your break
    • Whenever you activate ‘hunker down’ you automatically reload your weapon. Using this right you can move and use heavy fire every second turn.

GTS Ability

  • Wait for the Moment
    • Increased accuracy against nearby targets behind cover. Bonus decreases with increasing distance.

Community Highlander

You need a version (different versions for mac/linux and windos users!) of the Community Highlander to support supression animations for other weapons then shotguns. Without the Highlander this mod still works but the game won’t play the suppression animation i.e. for shotguns.

Known issues
  • Wrong damage display in ‘Aim for the Heart’: Damage is always the full target HP
  • Passive ability ‘Use your break’ is not displayed during battle even when you have it.


Should work with most other mods and even for save games. If you find compatibility issues post them in the comments.
This class works well with my other class mod you can find here.


It’s your turn

Now it’s up to you to test this class. I hope you won’t find any bugs but if so post them here. And if you get cool screenshots of front soldiers in action or fully trained soldiers, share them and I put them into the picture list.

Language support
At the moment English and German are supported. You can help to add new localisations, just look into the discussion and translate the mentioned strings.

  • Richard for his perk lists and helpful comments
  • Mid-Boss for his good class mod example and GTS perk code