FB Mission pack (wotc)

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Author: fireborn
Last revision: 12 Feb at 12:50 2018 UTC



Do not play this mod with lost and abandoned story mission enabled.. The game may crash on the global map at the start of the campaign.

-New mission types-
-Skyranger down: Skyranger can be shot down on the way to the objective and this will result in a few different difficult mission types.

-Outpost distress beacon: Investigate a resistance outpost that sent out a distress signal. In this mission you must find an unmarked outpost and once found it will trigger a random event. Keeping you on your toes.

-Advent activity: This is a standard kill all enemies mission that is not timed.

-Resistance support: You and an ai team must gather enough points to complete the objective. Killing enemies,firing or being under fire will give points.

-Convoy escort: Escort a stolen advent behemoth tank across the battlefield to the evac point.. The tank is ai controlled and you also will be assisted by a small ai team of friendlies.

-Resistance fortress: A resistance base is under attack. Protect the resistance signal transmitter against waves of reinforcing enemies. You start inside of the walled fortress with ai controlled soldiers to assist you.

-New hack rewards-
You can now call in friendly resistance soldiers via new hack rewards.

-New reinforcement item-
For 400 supplies you can buy a resistance support beacon in the base. Using this on the field will call in a large team of ai controlled soldiers to assist you and follow you around the map.
This item is one time use.

-New dark event-
Skyranger down: This dark event will increase the chances that the skyranger will be shot down.

-Improved friendly ai-
Resistance friendly ai on these missions (as well as the hack rewards and beacon) are more intelligent.. They wont shoot at mind controlled soldiers and wont destroy psi zombies that are about to explode.
Haven defense ai remains the same however.

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