(WOTC) Everyone Equips Everything

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Author: PZ
Last revision: 31 Oct at 23:33 2018 UTC


This mod allows (almost) every soldier to equip (almost) every weapon. Rookies with shotguns, Psi Operatives with cannons, Sharpshooters with vektor rifles, or whatever.

Game balance is not a high priority.

In the case of differing animations or class skills needed, EEE quietly creates duplicates of the items behind the scenes. For example, the autopistol equipped by a Sharpshooter is actually a different item template than the one equipped by a Templar, though it’s completely transparent to the player. This allows this mod to work without any changes to the classes themselves, and you can install it to a game in progress.

Equipping a bullpup on anyone but a Skirmisher gives the ability to fire twice in a turn, but I didn’t take that ability away from the Skirmisher class because they’re already probably the weakest of the three factions. Instead, a Skirmisher using a bullpup gets aim and mobility bonuses, but they can also use a different gun for more damage.

Similarly, equipping a sniper rifle on anyone but a Sharpshooter grants squadsight, but Sharpshooters also keep their class-granted ability so they can use squadsight with vektor rifles, or, well, anything, actually.

Using a Vektor rifle grants the "Sting" ability, allowing one shot from concealment that will not break concealment. Reapers can still get the ability from their class as well. (If a Reaper has it from both sources, they get two uses per mission)

You can give Templars a ripjack, which makes them a pure melee class, and also lets them grapple and yank enemies out of cover. If you do this, perks that require an autopistol will be useless.

Modded classes aren’t supported, because every class has to be explicitly added to the ini. You can add them yourself without too much difficulty, though.

WOTC Only.