[WotC] RW Better Mission Result Based Autoadjusting Difficulty

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Author: krumiro
Last revision: 9 Feb at 13:54 2018 UTC


;My "Enemy Force Level" (a Default-XCom2 Value used to determine the Amount/Type/Tier of randomly generated Enemies in Missions and gradually increasing from 1 to 20 by +1 every 10days) helpfully also decreases/increases after each Mission based on Casualties (No Wounded, Wounded, 33% Killed, 50% Killed, 100% Killed) and based on Mission Result (Successful/Failed) automatically preventing me from gradually becoming overpowered/overloser, yours?

;Self-adjusting difficulty is something I’ve always "manually" practiced in any game (by manually tiny-stepping down/up difficulty after losing/winning a mission or match and therefore making the game’s Difficulty naturally "oscillate" around the most appropriate for me). I`ve also always practiced it with XCom1/2 but I kind of like the Time-Costs settings of Legendary Difficulty so this Mini-Mod is designed to obtain the same result (make Difficulty naturally oscillate around the most appropriate for the player) but altering a different Difficulty parameter which represents Enemy Strength and, this time, automatically instead of manually… 😉

;YOU CAN CHANGE THE VALUES TO THE DESIRED ONES IN THE .INI FILE (And don’t you dare asking where the .INI file is… seriously??? 😉 )
;The two below "Casualties" and "Mission Result" Modifiers are cumulative. For Example: +1 (No Wounded) -1 (Mission Failed) = +0.

EnemyForceLevelChangeWithNoWounded = 1
EnemyForceLevelChangeWithJustWounded = 0
EnemyForceLevelChangeWithBetween01And33PercentKilled = 0
EnemyForceLevelChangeWithBetween34and50PercentKilled =-1
EnemyForceLevelChangeWithBetween51and100PercentKilled =-2

EnemyForceLevelChangeWithMissionAccomplished = 0
EnemyForceLevelChangeWithMissionFailed = 0

MissionSummaryText = "Enemy Badassness:"
IPreferEnemyForceLevelToBeShownInPercentagesInsteadOfFractionsOf20 = true
;This way instead of increments of 1 from 1 to 20 it will be shown in increments of 5% from 5% to 100%… I kinda prefer it… kinda looks more professional… 😉

;Used by Default-XCom2 to autogenerate Enemies in all Missions "except" Storyline Missions. In Default-XCom2, increasing by default by 1 every 10 days (every 15 in highest difficulty), without the influence of this Mini-Mod the enemy reached full strength after 7 months (after 10 months in highest difficulty):
;Force Level 1: Sectoids, Officers or Troopers available as leaders. Troopers available as followers.
;Force Level 2: Turrets available.
;Force Level 3: Stun Lancers available as followers.
;Force Level 4: Vipers available as leaders.
;Force Level 5: MECs available as leaders.
;Force Level 6: Mutons available as leaders.
;Force Level 7: Troopers removed, Codexes available as leaders, Advanced Troopers and Sectoids available as followers. Berserkers available.
;Force Level 8: Officers upgraded to Advanced Officers, Vipers and Shieldbearers available as followers, Turrets upgraded to Heavy Turrets.
;Force Level 9: Sectoids not available as leaders (but only as followers).
;Force Level 10: Lancers upgraded to Heavy Lancer, Muton available as followers.
;Force Level 11: Viper and MEC not available as leaders (but only as followers), MEC available as followers, Archon available as leaders.
;Force Level 12: Heavy MECs available as leaders. Chryssalids available.
;Force Level 13: Mutons not available as leaders (but only as followers), Codex available as followers, Codex leader chance reduced, Advanced Trooper upgraded to Elite Trooper.
;Force Level 14: Andromedon available as leaders, Heavy Turrets upgraded to Super Heavy Turrets
;Force Level 15: Advanced Officer upgraded to Elite Officer, Shieldbearer upgraded to Elite Shieldbearer.
;Force Level 16: Sectopods available as leaders, Heavy Lancer upgraded to Elite Lancer. Chryssalids increase amount.
;Force Level 17: Archons available as followers.
;Force Level 18: Gatekeepers available as leaders, MEC not available, Heavy MEC available as followers.
;Force Level 19,20: Weak Pods become stronger.


;Please help me to update this list

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Simply make a quick Harddrive Search for “+ModClassOverrides=(BaseGameClass=“
The results will show all the XComEngine.ini files of Mods that make Overrides. Check if any of those files have the same Class name after the “=“ and kindly ask the Modders to try to avoid that override or cooperate with each other. When 2 mods override the same class the game gets HORRIBLY VERY SLOW and only 1 of the 2 Mods works (randomly).