MSF in War of the Chosen

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Authors: Spart117MC, ∑3245
Last revision: 11 Feb at 23:44 UTC


This mod is for War of the Chosen and is not compatible with vanilla XCOM 2. Download MSF in XCOM for a version compatible with the base game.

What is this mod?

This mod aims to add the MSF models from MGSV into War of the Chosen as customization options. An empty deco options mod is recommended.


Known issues:
  • Minor clipping
  • Mixing with vanilla options will result in noticable gaps

Mod Directory:


People are free to use as they see fit parts of the mod that I worked, I only ask that proper credit be given.


Kojima Productions / Konami – MGSV:TPP & MGSV:GZ
Firaxis – XCOM 2
∑3245 – Materials and textures
The creators of FtexTool, GzsTool, and FMDL Studio
Spart117MC – Porting and rigging