Simple Asari Head

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Author: Jill Sandwich
Last revision: 25 Mar at 01:44 2016 UTC



hello mass effect fans!! Quite a few big changes for the better for this mod, please read the description carefully before you use this mod!

first the basic stuff for new visitors : the asari head is basically a helmet that covers the entire head. you can’t change color though, it’s set. however you can now customize eye color, ( see below )


thanks to steam member scifi311 who brought to my attention of the mod Evangelion Heads to make your soldier head go invisible ( choose race 2 , then last face option ), therefore there are no major clipping issues on the asari head anymore. no human ears sticking out and no patches of clipping behind the ears.

grab the very important Evangelion Heads mod here:

now this Evangelion Heads mod also gives some unexpected benefit. the invisible head is not completely invisible. the pair of eyes and teeth are still there. so i just shrink and move the head mesh to "fit with those eyes" so to speak, to let those eyes "clip" through the asari head geometry. the end result is that now the eyes are moving for the asari and you can customize the eye colors. !! ( see screenshot 1 in which asari is shifting her eyes to the right side )

also because there is no clipping issue now, i can scale down ( shrink ) the asari head mesh, to make it roughly the same size as human heads. as shown in some of the screenshots with human and quarian teammates.

as i mentioned before, these 5 mods are my first 5 mods and will be my last 5 mods. i don’t plan to do any more. it’s more of a learning experience than anything else. and i hope more skilled modders will make more mass effect mods in the future!!

cheers and for Thessia!!

PS, model assets belong to EAware obviously.

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