LEB’s Lategame Enemies

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Author: LeaderEnemyBoss
Last revision: 16 Jul at 18:15 UTC


This mod ports the Riftkeeper and the Venator to WotC. Additional changes like a new SitRep and modified mission schedules are made in order to increase the lategame difficulty.

The Riftkeeper

A durable support unit, whose main role is to summon in further units. While its offensive capabilities match that of its brother, the gatekeeper, most of the time it wont bother with attacking directly.

Collecting corpses of this enemy allows the construction of the Rift Beacon. This expensive one-time-use Item lets the user summon in reinforcements from the Avenger. By default high ranking Soldiers are prioritized.
Remember to equip them in advance!
. To prioritize other soldiers, build the Rift Anchor and give it to the soldier you want to summon (has to be done before the mission starts!).

Tactical Information (Spoilers!)

The Venator

A highly aggressive variation of the Codex. Primarily preys on Psi-Users. I strongly suggest you avoid taking PsiOps on missions where these guys roam. If you have to: Give the PsiOp a mindshield and dont keep him/her around your other soldiers.
It will probably get some damage in even without PsiOps present – healing is recommended!

Tactical Information (Spoilers!)

New SitRep: The Hunt

A new SitRep that spawns indepedently from the normal SitRep selection process. One or more additional pods (that often contain Venators) roam the mission area. Hunting squads first appear around the late midgame and ramp up in frequency and strength as the game progresses.

Modified Mission Schedules

Facility missions and lategame story missions contain additional pods in order to make them more challenging. Especially the final mission (Fortress) has been beefed up quite a bit.

Additional Information
  • Supports MCM. You can disable individual enemies, the SitRep or the mission schedule mods ingame.
  • If you use a mod that adds psionic capabilities to all your soldiers, you may want to deactivate the Venator.
  • Other than that, the mod should play nice with basically every other mod out there.
  • Extensive configuration possibilities via ini-editing
  • Can be activated mid-campaign.
  • I extensively tested the balance on Legendary, with and without betastrike.
  • The betastrike HP-modifier for the Riftkeeper is reduced to 1.4, for the Venator to 1.7 (down from the usual 2)


Basic idea for the Riftkeeper: /u/Vathar
Basic idea for the Rift Anchor: Oberfuhrer-Raziel
Coding advice: robojumper, shiremct
Translation (Chinese): benny30912


Required items:
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