Salarian Engineers

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Author: RealityMachina
Last revision: 29 Jun at 19:15 UTC


Wanted drones back? Wanted drones back to an enemy that specializes in reacting very hard to enemy fire directed at it? No? Too bad, this mod does it anyway.


Salarian Technicians start appearing around Force Level 4. They upgrade to Salarian Engineers at Force Level 11, and Salarian Specialists start appearing around Force Level 17.

They summon drones upon being revealed (and will still move to cover), which also scale in tier with them. They start as Combat Drones, upgraded to Hardened Drones, and max out at Hunter Drones.

Their capabilities per tier are:

Starting – Salarian Technicians have Ready for Anything. Combat Drones are like Pavonis’ drones: they can stun at melee range, disorient and do a bit of damage from range, and repair robotic units.

Advanced – Salarian Engineers have return fire with their shotgun. Failing to take them out in one go at close range has a high chance of being punished.

Hardened Drones now come with the Drone Shield ability: this lets them give 3 points of temporary shield HP to any unit.

Elite – Salarian Specialists have Close Combat Specialist. Be very wary of engaging in close range against them.

Hunter Drones come with holotargeting on their long range attack, giving any alien units just a bit more assistance in hitting your squad members through cover.

The reward for successfully autopsying drones is being able to deploy drones yourselves in the field, on XCOM’s side. They scale in power with the tech level of armours your soldiers can equip.

Salarian engineers themselves do not provide any reward.