[WoTC] XCOM Psi Overhaul [NEW UPLOAD]

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Author: Kyuubicle
Last revision: 4 Mar at 16:26 2018 UTC



This is an update to/reupload of Ziodyne’s XCOM Psi Overhaul to fix some Highlander compatibility issues and perhaps some additional changes over time. The previous version will remain on the Workshop for those that don’t use the Highlander but will not be updated!

[03/04 UPDATE]

-Minor update to fix some issues with class-based Psion chances
– New config option: AllowRookiesToBeTested (defaults to true, disable to have class-based Psion chances for XCOM Soldiers actually work)
– New console comand: RerollPsiGift unitname – Rerolls one soldier’s Psi chance


-‘Continue Training’ button on the Finished Training pop up doesn’t work
-Cancelling training and re-entering training will give a different list of abilities
-Not having the option to view all Psi Abilities enabled will not display correctly for soldiers with Higher level abilities.



Bringing back psions, XCOM 1 style. No longer do you train psionic operatives as test tube rookies – upon building a psi lab (or visiting a built psi lab for the first time after this mod is installed), any of your operatives can test positive for psionic potential and learn psionic abilities.

Are you ready for a chain-grappling Skirmisher that can hurl Null Lances? Does your blademaster want to dominate a Berserker to fight alongside him? Why not add Void Rift to your GREMLIN-user’s skill rotations?


– Play normally, leveling up your operatives through missions.
– Some of your operatives will be revealed to be secretly psionically gifted!
– Throw them in the psi lab and they’ll become psions.
– Learn psionic abilities alongside regular leveling!
– ???
– Profit!


– Here’s how it works: Whenever you enter the Psi Lab, the game will check if each of your units have rolled to become a psion yet. If they haven’t, they get to roll the roulette!
– Every time you rank up as a psion, you’ll get randomized amounts of psi. To rank up as a psion, you also need to have the requisite soldier rank, so don’t forget to keep sending them out on missions!
– Psions replace base game Psi Operatives, as the Psi Lab has been completely repurposed. They are not strictly better per se, as they can only learn a limited number of psi skills, but those skills are added on top of your existing trooper’s abilities.
– Psions do not need to use Psi Amps. Psi Amps can be equipped for the +Psi bonus and Psi skills scale off your psi stat – as it increases, your psi attacks will do more damage. On average, a fully ranked Psion will be a bit stronger than a maxed Psi Operative in terms of damaging psi powers.
– This uses default game configured Psi-training times – head to XComLatentPsionics.ini to configure everything else


– OVERRIDES: XCom_HeadquartersPsiTraining. So Psi Lab will likely be broken if you remove this mid-campaign.
– BYE-BYE: Psi Operatives. Can no longer be trained or created, check your character pools if you use the force my class mod.
– WARNING: This mod creates Utility-Slot Psi-Amps, so you should disable (or not-enable) any mods that create Utility-Slot Sidearms from creating their own Psi-Amps.
– COMPATIBLE: Detailed Soldier Lists. Technically not required actually, but psi stat is otherwise not viewable on the main armory roster list.
– INCOMPATIBLE: Reportedly, Disable Random Posters mod and this mod conflict and cause crashing. I’ve not been able to replicate this, but I’m listing it here in case anyone else is experiencing crashes with the mod enabled.
– INCOMPATIBLE: Kv’s Invisible Psi Amps. Which is really strange to me considering that I’m literally giving everyone a psi amp, and using the fact that the game doesn’t render the psi amp I gave them to… give invisible psi amps to people.
– This will work with any class, any weapons, any whatevers. People using custom psionic classes – as long as the custom class doesn’t require training in the psi lab, this should peacefully coexist alongside such classes.


ForcePsiGiftReroll – Rerolls ALL non-psions, giving a second shot at being a psion
ForcePsiGift <unitname> – Forces a particular soldier to be psionic
RerollPsiGift <unitname> – Rerolls a non-psionic soldier.
UpdateUtilitySlotPsiarms – Adds missing utility slot psi-amps if they aren’t be added to inventory correctly.


Ziodyne for creating 95% of the mod in the first place :V
Many thanks to Pavonis Studios for the brilliant ideas that sparked the creation of this mod, and -bg- who went out of his way to update his Detailed Soldier List mod.

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