Asari Adepts

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Author: RealityMachina
Last revision: 9 Aug at 23:55 UTC


It uses Asari as enemies and lets me use my biotic class powers for enemies, it’s a double win (for me, XCOM gets to suffer some more here.)


Asari Biotics start appearing around Force Level 4. They upgrade to Asari Adepts at Force Level 12, and Asari Commandos start appearing around Force Level 17.

They use Advent Priest Rifles, which upgrade with them. Once Asari Commandos are on the field, they scamper using their teleport function.

Their capabilities per tier are:

Starting – Asari Biotics begin with Warp and the standard regenerative shield. Warp can miss, but they get a bonus to hit to make that pretty unlikely in the early game, and it doesn’t end their turn.

Advanced – Asari Adept are better with their aim, and get their own version of Lance, a squadsight-capable ability that can pierce and shred armour, and Biotic Traversal, letting them jump to rooftops without needing a ladder. Lance also does not end the turn when used.

Elite – Asari Commandos now get Reave, which can miss and end the turn, but provides them a way to regain shield HP in a more immediate fashion. They also get Biotic Teleport to utilize when relocating in the field.

The reward for successfully autopsying Asari Adepts is +15 dodge to light armors.