Guardsmen [WotC]

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Authors: Rookie Slime, ultimentra
Last revision: 21 Sep at 03:00 2017 UTC


This mod adds a new class "Guardsman" to the game.

​“Commander, we recently received some new recruits that have a myriad of skills specializing in multiple roles. They are versatile front-line troopers that serve as jack-of-all trades’ master of none soldiers to fill any gaps in your ranks. The Guardsman is usually meant to be doing what their name implies, guarding the Avenger and various resistance havens, but when XCOM is in need they will answer the call.” -Bradford

Hello all, welcome to the first in a line of revamped and exciting Warhammer 40k-themed XCOM 2 soldier classes from RookieSlime! This class is the Guardsman, inspired by the common dog soldiers of the Imperium; this class is meant to be a versatile soldier with a bit of 40k flair to fill roles that might be missing from you squad due to fatigue, wounds, or deaths in a decent fashion. You’ll find some abilities in common with every standard XCOM class, but others that are completely unique to the Guardsman as well!

The “Fire” Tree focuses on damaging abilities that work with the myriad weaponry available to the Guardsman. Perks such as Satellite Targeting, Marauder, and Adrenaline Rush allow the Guardsman to fill in for a missing sniper, infantry, or assault class in a pinch.

The Support Tree uses skills that are meant to be used to crowd control your enemies, and put the hurt on tougher enemies for the rest of your squad to follow up on.

I hope you enjoy this custom class! We have many more exciting Warhammer 40k themed classes on the way with completely custom perks, including the Kasrkin, Commissar, and Inquisitor, so stay tuned!

Feel free to report bugs and offer feedback here on the workshop. Thanks for checking out the mod!

[All credit for ability concepts and code created by other modders goes to those modders. We are in no way affiliated with Games Workshop, nor are we using any assets, logos, etc owned by GW in any way that violates fair use. We do not make any profit in any way, shape, or form from these mods.]

Guardsman Class

Primary Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle

Secondary Weapon: Pistol

Squaddie Perk: Versatile – Guardsmen can equip a variety of weapons.

Fire – ​Support

Corporal​: Grazing Shots – ​Suppression
Sergeant​: Marauder – ​Volley Fire
Lieutenant: ​Pistol Training – Total Combat
Captain​: Adrenaline Rush – Mine Field
Major​: Satellite Targeting – ​Endurance
Colonel: In the Zone – ​On Guard

“Fire” Tree:

Grazing Shots – Missed shots now graze for one damage, stacks with stock damage. [Passive]

Marauder – Assault Rifle and Shotgun shots no longer end the turn. Does not effect Sniper rifles. [Passive]

Pistol Training – Pistol shots no longer end turn and you gain lightning hands [Passive]

Adrenaline Rush – Gain 1 bonus action until end of turn. [4 turn cooldown]

Satellite Targeting – Gain Squadsight and 5 aim [Passive]

In the Zone – Activate to cause primary weapon kills refund their actions. [4 turn cooldown]

“Support” Tree:

Suppression – [Base Game]

Volley Fire – Fire a primary weapon twice at a single target with an aim penalty. [4 turn cooldown]

Total Combat – Using items and grenades no longer ends the guardsman’s turn. [Base Game – Passive]

Minefield – Gain a single use proximity mine and equipped proximity mines gain 1 charge. [Passive]

Endurance – Gain 5 defense, dodge, and will, along with 2 health. [Passive]

On Guard – Take a shot at any enemy that comes within 8 tiles. Gain 5 defense for each enemy you can see, up to a maximum of 25. [Passive]

Class mod code and skill tree concepts: Rookie Slime

Testing and workshop write-up: Ultimentra

WOTC Suppression Visualization Fix – Otherwise suppression won’t have an animation.

Mina’s Guardsmen – Another great 40k mod

Fallout NV Riot Gear WOTC – Used for the screen shot above.