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Author: hepzibahkitty
Last revision: 12 Jul at 04:11 2017 UTC


Tattoos Designed and created by HepzibahKitty adkkitty.deviantart.com
Please do not use these designs for anything other than this mod unless you have expressed written permission from me (HepzibahKitty)

Mod currently includes 12 tattoos

Phoenix – A celtic inspired Phoenix which was my submission to the XCOM 2 tattoo contest
Snowflake – A simple snowflake designed for my Norwegian Specialist
Skull and Crossbones – Because we’re pirates right?
Warhorse – A celtic horse
Biohazard – The bar in EW had it and was requested by several people
Shamrock – A simple Shamrock because Ireland, Jane Kelly, and Jake Solomon’s Irish imitations
Radioactive – Fusion power for the win?
Spider – A dangerous looking spider
Kitty – My nickname and my specialist nickname. Kill them with cuteness
Bearclaw – A bearclaw with an nature inspired design
Dreamcatcher – Dreamcatcher with feathers
Dragonfly – A simple dragonfly with stylized wings.

This is my first mod and I will try to update with new tattoos as time permits.