RPGO Specialization Pack – Necromancer

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Author: GreatestKracken
Last revision: 11 Mar at 19:55 2018 UTC


This mod adds new specializations for Musashi’s amazing RPGO mod. They are made using the Necromancer class, and as such require it.

New promotion screen by default is not needed!

Specializations added:
*Death Disciple – uses knowledge from the sectoids and deeper learning to plague foes and raise the dead.
*Combat Disciple – manipulates psionic energy to create various attacks.
*Soul Disciple – restores and recoversallies, along with buffing them using psionic energy.

RPGO Changes:
*You can equip necromancer staves once you have the Raise Zombie perk. This staff is required for many perks to work, so be sure to equip it.

Future Plans (different mods):
*Rising Tide mutli-line specializations.
*Architect and other single class specializations.
*SPARK specialization system

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