Crewmen in War of the Chosen

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Author: Spart117MC
Last revision: 10 Mar at 03:09 2018 UTC


This mod is for War of the Chosen and is not compatible with vanilla XCOM 2. Download Crewmen in XCOM for a version compatible with the base game.

What is this mod?

This mod aims to add crewman models from Halo 3 as customization options to War of the Chosen as well as replace the underlay uniform work by the Avenger crew.


Known issues:
  • Decals become blurry at a distance
  • Mixing with vanilla options will result in noticable gaps

Mod Directory:


People are free to use as they see fit parts of the mod that I worked, I only ask that proper credit be given.


Bungie & Microsoft – Halo 3
Firaxis – XCOM 2
.vhs – Preview image assets
Condensed Turtle Flesh – Converting the Halo 3 models into FBX
Will Turnbow – Halo 3 Font