[WOTC] EU/EWI Map Remakes

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Author: eclipsezr
Last revision: 24 Mar at 16:24 2018 UTC


Remakes of iconic buildings from EU/EWI we all love and hate. 🙂
Im not doing all buildings just the ones i found most memorable and fit in within xcom 2 parcels (32×32 tiles limit)..

3/13 maps finished

SlaughterHouse "Done"

*FarmHouse – from EWI
*Liquor store
*Ice cream – from EWI Tutorial

TV Stations "Done"
Boulevard "Done"

*UFO Small Scout
*Industrial Office
*Gas Station


Q: Will you make a vanilla version of the mod?
A: No, it uses WOTC assets so it would be time consuming figuring out which object works with what and replace it

Q: Is it compatible with other map mods?
A: Absolutely is, compatible with map mods or anything out there

Q: Will there be different versions of the building EX: Boulevard but in slums?
A: ATM wanna make all buildings appear on smalltowns if i finish this before the release of xcom 3 ill indeed make versions of the buildings