Spectre Class

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Author: GawDamnit
Last revision: 19 Jul at 04:03 2016 UTC


Updated to Version 1.41!   

The Spectre class aims to better embody the base-game Ranger’s roles as stealth takedown specialist and fearsome close-range melee combatant. Spectres are meant to use SMGs provided by the SMG Pack, and cannot equip Shotguns. Basically, if you wished your Ranger could do more while concealed (including fight), or if you wanted a more effective sword-wielder, this class is for you.    

Latest Update Notes:   

-Fixed issue with Long War Perk Pack incorrectly displaying hidden Squaddie abilities.


This mod provides a class with 11 new abilities, divided between the Shadow and Slayer trees.    

Squaddie Abilities:    

Stalker – When the squad is revealed, this soldier remains concealed. While concealed, gain +25% Aim, +25% Critical Chance and +2 Damage on all attacks. -30% reduction to Enemy Detection Radius while concealed.   

Slash – Same as base Ranger ability.    


Shadow Tree    

Mark Target – Mark a target to grant your squad +10 bonus Aim against it. Marking targets does not break concealment. Spectres with this ability will gain a 25% bonus to Crit with Primary Weapons when attacking targets that are Marked, Holotargeted or subject to Focus Fire. 2 round cooldown.   

Unseen Shot – Take a shot with a your gun with a +25% critical chance bonus. If the target is killed, concealment is not broken. 3 round cooldown.   

Vanish – Immediately enter concealment twice per mission. You must be out of enemy visual range to use this ability. 3 round cooldown.  

Implacable – Same as base Ranger ability.    

Spring Into Action – Hunker down and end your turn immediately to gain an extra action point on your next turn. 2 round cooldown.   

Ghost-Faced Killer – Fire a shot that deals +25% bonus damage. Kills made while flanking your target place you in concealment. Requires 2 action points. 5 round cooldown.   


Slayer Tree    

Bladestorm – Same as base Ranger ability.    

Shadowstride – For the duration of your turn, move without provoking overwatch and reaction shots. If concealed, enemy detection radius is reduced to 0%, and sword attacks will not break concealment. 2 round cooldown.   

Precise Striker – Blades do +2 damage and have +25% critical chance. Targets that are Marked, Holotargeted or subject to Focus Fire take 50% more damage.    

Swift Blade – Make a sword attack with a -10 Aim and -25% Damage penalty that doesn’t end your turn on a blue move. This attack, when paired with Shadowstride, will not break concealment. 2 round cooldown.   

Untouchable – Same as base Ranger ability.    

Silent Takedown – Make a sword attack that ignores armor and ruptures your target, with a 25% bonus to Crit. Kills made with this ability place you in concealment. Requires 2 action points. 5 round cooldown.   


GTS Abilities    

Pounce – Primary Weapon and sword attacks against flanked enemies deal +2 damage.    


This mod also modifies the following:    

Ranger Swords have received a boost to damage and overall effectiveness. This can be tweaked or reverted back to default values by editing the XComGameData_WeaponData.ini.    

Base Sword: DMG 3-5, Crit 2, Pierce 0    
Arc Blade: DMG 5-7, Crit 3, Pierce 1   
Plasma Blade: DMG 7-9, Crit 4, Pierce 2    

The default Advent Captain ability, Mark Target, has received a slight modification to ensure that its use does not break concealment, and modifies the ability description text to read appropriately as a player ability.    


Ability Synergies   

This class has been designed to benefit from synergies/interactions between abilities in both trees. Some examples:   
-Mark Target + Precise Striker grants extra damage to all melee attacks.   
-Shadowstride, when active, allows you to retain concealment when making melee kills.   
-Swift Blade, when used while Shadowstride is active, never reveals a concealed player, even if your hit does not kill your target. This allows you several stealthy options: you can follow up the initial strike with a standard Slash, which will maintain concealment if you kill the target. You can also use Swift Blade for hit-n-run scenarios, striking a tough foe and dashing off to avoid detection.  
-Spring into Action gives you another action point, which allows for more combinations of abilities. A patient player can use a Swift Blade attack and follow it up with a Silent Takedown strike, which is not normally possible in a single turn.   


I have been incredibly impressed with the class mods created by the community, and I was only able to make this one by studying and being inspired by others that came before, including the work of GrimyBunyip, Daedalus, Isms, xylthixlm, Divine Lubrication, Musashi. Some of their work has been repurposed with permission.    

This is a fairly modest class mod, but hopefully a fun one for Ranger fans.    

I also recommend using the Katana Pack Reloaded or The Axe mods with this class.

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