[WOTC] LW2 Classes and Perks

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Author: Favid
Last revision: 23 Jun at 15:34 2018 UTC


[WOTC] LW2 Classes and Perks

This is a port of the classes and perks from Long War 2. By default, this mod will disable the four base game classes, replacing them with the Assault, Grenadier, Gunner, Ranger, Sharpshooter, Shinobi, Specialist, and Technical from LW2, with the Brigadier rank included. This also adds some new abilities to the Psi Operative and Spark classes, new ability-granting PCS items, new training center abilities, and new Pistol abilities. Some base game abilities have been modified to match their Long War 2 counterparts.

Because this is the first release, I highly recommend that you DO NOT play on Ironman. I will not be held responsible for any broken saves. Additionally, this mod is intended to be used with new campaigns, and I will not provide support for any issues that are caused by installing or uninstalling it mid campaign.

New Ability List

Full ability list available here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O1w1HQljLVaVBAipiN6i5Cj4k1qvRi6ANnoCeGkOeps/edit?usp=sharing

Modified Base Game Abilities

Some base game abilities have been modified to closer match their functionality from Long War 2. Almost all of the changes are configurable so you can revert the ones you don’t want.

  • Hail of Bullets ammo cost is now configurable.
  • Demolition ammo cost is now configurable.
  • Serial now reduces the user’s aim, crit chance, and damage after each kill.
  • Death From Above reduces weapon range penalties at Squadsight ranges
  • Insanity now has configrable options for if it ends the turn when used, and the mind control duration.
  • Conceal now costs an action and ends the turn when used.
  • Rupture now has a critical chance bonus instead of guarenteed crits.
  • Threat Assessment no longer increases the cooldown of Aid Protocol.
  • Revival Protocol gives more charges based on Gremlin level.
  • Saturation Fire now has a chance to destroy each piece of cover, instead of guarenteed.
  • Domination cannot be used on Stunned targets.
  • Fuse has a configurable cooldown.
  • Guardian bonus shots can only fire at each target once.
  • Soul Steal adds Shield to the user if their Health is full.
  • Haywire Protocol can only be used on each enemy once.
  • Various config changes in XComGameData_SoldierSkills.ini

What is NOT Included
  • The Officer abilities.
  • The Tradecraft, Tandem Warheads, and Combat Engineer perks, because they rely on mechanics not present in the base game. They have been replaced by other abilities in the included classes.
  • Changes to weapon range tables. Because of this, some perks are not quite as useful as they were in Long War 2, such as Slug Shot and Death From Above
  • Changes to utility items e.g. Frag Grenades. Because of this, Sapper isn’t quite as useful as it was in Long War 2, but it will still let you blow some things up that you couldn’t before, like trees.
  • Changes to the Templar, Reaper, and Skirmisher.


XComLW_SoldierSkills.ini and XComGameData_SoldierSkills.ini contain tons of configration values for the abilities. Please see the Discussion titled "Configuration Changes" for more details. If you want something to be configrable that isn’t, please let me know.


Contains no class overrides, so no major conflicts there. Some abilities may have unexpected functionality if used along other mods that make changes to the same related abilities. This mod makes some changes to the Psi Operative and Spark skill trees, and will not be compatible with mods that do the same.

Known Issues
  • Area Suppression can sometimes cause the game to hang when used on large groups of The Lost. Save your game before attempting to use it in this situation.
  • GTS Abilities for the four base game classes still appear in the GTS, even though they cannot be obtained (and wouldn’t apply to the new classes anyway).
  • There may be some unexpected gameplay and balance consequences with getting multiple abilties from the same rank through the Training Center.
  • The classes added by this mod do not have access to all of the same Photobooth poses as the base game classes.

Mod Troubleshooting



Anyone is free to use anything in this mod for any project they’d like, as long as credit is given and money is not involved.


Original design and implementation: Pavonis Interactive
War of the Chosen port: Favid
XModBase: Xylthixlm
Sweet preview image: .vhs
Japanese translation: twittoshi
Special thanks to Karnich, Danice123, shiremct, Musashi, robojumper, and the rest of the LWOTC and XCOM 2 Modding discords for helping out with the code, testing, and helping me work through various issues. This couldn’t have been finished without them.

If I forgot anyone, please let me know and I will update this.

Also, shoutout to the Long War of the Chosen for letting me document the development in their Discord. You can follow their work here: http://www.pavonisinteractive.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=22