[WOTC] Corrosive Rounds

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Authors: Hotl3looded, .vhs
Last revision: 9 May at 00:36 2018 UTC



So we got fire grenades and fire rounds, poison grenades and poison rounds, acid grenades and… nothing.

To satisfy my OCD, I had to make an acid themed ammo to fill the void left by Firaxis. Acid themed means that these rounds are particularly good at shredding armor.

  • Adds "Corrosive Rounds" to the game – obtainable from the experimental ammo project
  • Corrosive Rounds add +1 damage and +1 armor shred to main weapons and eligible secondary weapons – yes you can now shred armor with pistols!
  • Corrosive Rounds apply acid burn on biological and mechanical targets – 1 damage per turn
  • Corrosive Rounds add a new custom acid effect to your attacks!


This mod should be compatible with any other mod.

If you add/remove it mid campaign, you should use it in conjunction with Reward Decks Refresher.


I’d like to thank the following persons:

  • .vhs for making the visual content, including the mod thumbnail, the item picture and the custom acid effect.
  • Chu Nana Go for the spanish translation
  • zxc2008 for the simplified chinese translation

Required items:
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