[WOTC] Purifier Grenades Fix

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Author: Hotl3looded
Last revision: 27 Apr at 03:34 2018 UTC



Looks like the guys at Firaxis were too lazy to create a new grenade for the Advent Purifier so they decided to nerf our own grenades instead. This mod rectifies that.

I got the idea from [WOTC] Incendiary Grenade Damage Fix. The difference between that mod and mine is that I actually create a new grenade for the Purifiers so they won’t be doing massive damage with their grenades in the early game.

  • Creates a new incendiary grenade with WotC stats for the Purifiers (2-3 damage)
  • Equips Advent Purifiers and Advanced Purifiers with this new grenade
  • Boosts the damage of the regular incendiary grenade to vanilla levels (4-5 damage)


Should be compatible with almost any mod.