[WOTC] PGO: Cut Content Ammo Addon

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Author: Hotl3looded
Last revision: 1 May at 16:06 2018 UTC



Many of you asked for compatibility between Proving Ground Overhaul and CutContentAmmo so here it is!


All project times/costs and item costs/resell values can be edited in the config file (you can add or remove anything, even corpses).

  • Adds new Proving Ground projects to unlock the ammos from CutContentAmmo
  • Redscreen Rounds are unlocked by the "Bluescreen Protocol" project
  • Acid Rounds are unlocked by the new "Corrosive Touch" project – see Proving Ground Overhaul for more details
  • Adds config options to enable/disable any of the new ammos – they are all enabled by default

The configuration file should be in the following location:

<Your Steam Install> steamappsworkshopcontent2685001374832328ConfigXComPGOCutContentAmmoAddon.ini


This mod should be compatible with almost any mod.

It should be safe to add mid campaign.


I’d like to thank the following persons:

  • .vhs for making the awesome thumbnail picture
  • shadow79 for making CutContentAmmo
  • GrimyBunyip for making the original vanilla mod
  • Chu Nana Go for the spanish translation

Required items:
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