Multiple Faction Soldier Classes

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Author: PZ
Last revision: 1 Jul at 04:46 2018 UTC


Adds support for faction soldiers of different classes, so not every Reaper, Skirmisher, and Templar have to belong to the eponymous class. These are supposed to be fairly large resistance factions, so surely they’d have some diversity among their troops, right?

All newly generated faction soldiers will be randomly assigned a valid class for their faction, from the list defined in XComFactionClasses.ini. You can also change your faction soldiers’ classes with MakeFactionSoldierAClass, which works like MakeSoldierAClass but actually works with faction soldiers.

Since you don’t normally get all that many faction soldiers in the course of a game, you might want to install a mod to give you more, or just cheat: type GiveFactionSoldiers into the console.

This mod makes it possible to add new faction soldier classes, but does not itself add any. You’ll need to install a mod that does or nothing will be any different! (If you don’t want to play with all of these classes, you don’t need to install them all. Just install the ones you’re interested in!)

Supported Classes

It overrides X2Action_Loot to make Channel work right with other Templar classes, and it overrides UIOfficerTrainingSchool to make it possible to purchase GTS upgrades for alternate faction classes. If you don’t care about that stuff, you can disable the overrides.

WOTC Only.