ADVENT Officer Class

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Author: Heff
Last revision: 6 May at 11:16 2018 UTC


Adds a new playable soldier class based on ADVENT Officers. The Officer is an excellent marksman who assists their squad by marking priority targets and boosting the tactical effectiveness of the whole squad, the Officer is also proficient in using Overwatch.

Recommended Mods:

New Skills:

Target Overwatch: A unique form of overwatch that activates against a specific target.
Trained Reactions: Reaction Fire has a bonus +15 aim.

Leadership: Spend an action to give all units +10 mobility for one turn
Mental Shielding: Leadership cures all units of battle madness
Hard to hit: Leadership provides +50 dodge
Disposable Army: Summon ADVENT Trooper for rest of mission
Shadow Squad: Leadership puts all unflanked units into concealment
Battalion: Disposable Army has two charges per mission
Reinforced Army: Improves stats of ADVENT Trooper Reinforcements


LW Secondary Weapons will probably not work with this mod and may cause errors.


Pavonis Interactive – The creators of the original Long War 2 mod
shiremct – Ported the Long War 2 weapons to WOTC
Musashi – Creator of the XCOM RPG Overhaul