[WOTC] Carry Unit Fix

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Author: .vhs
Last revision: 11 May at 18:20 2018 UTC


Have you ever got into situation, where your unit went into Bleeding Out state and you could not carry him for some reason? Did you lose a soldier or was about to lose a soldier, because you could not bring him into evac point?

This mod is a workaround for that issue. You will be able to carry him.

How does this work?

It gives a second CarryUnit ability to all your soldiers that shows up when certain conditions are met. Root of the problem is that unit is still marked as "CanBeCarried = false" and from my understanding there is no way to fix that.
This mod is a workaround, which will let you carry the bodies that are BleedingOut or Unconscious AND still somehow marked as not possible to carry.

Will it work mid-game? Tactical One?

It will work mid-campaign, just not mid-tactical.


Hotl3looded for helping me understand the abilities
shiremct for helping me understand the conditions
RealityMachina for helping me understand the OnPostTemplatesCreated
Kuzunkhaa for Italian translation and Chu Nana Go for Spanish translation

This mod does not replace ability, it only adds a new one.