[WOTC] Stabilize Me

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Author: .vhs
Last revision: 12 May at 13:26 2018 UTC


Allows stabilization of a soldier that’s bleeding out by any other soldier, provided that the soldier that’s bleeding out has a Medkit.

Original mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=654174276

What was changed?
  • Fixed the issue where unit could not be stabilized
  • Animation has been added
  • Safer method of adding abilities to your soldiers
  • SPARKs cannot stabilize now (which is a correct behavior)


This will work mid-campaign, but not mid-tactical.

Also, you should use a Carry Unit Fix, it’s not necessary, but there is a rare bug in XCOM2 (not caused by this mod) which won’t allow you to pick-up the body of a bleeding out or fallen soldier.


Sgt. Nutcracker is the original author of this mod
Hotl3looded for helping me understand a lot
Kuzunkhaa for Italian translation, Chu Nana Go for Spanish translation

Required items:
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