[WOTC] DOA Ayane Nocturnal Butterfly Customization Pack

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Author: Astery
Last revision: 11 Jul at 07:11 2018 UTC


Y’know… You’re supposed to watch your opponent when you fight.


– Hair, Lower Face Prop/ Upper Face Prop, Torso, Left Arm, Right Arm, Legs, Torso Gear, Thigh parts.
– Default and Colorable options.
Applies to all 3 armor tiers and faction units.

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Special thanks to .vhs and nekoworkshop 🙂


This mod includes cosmetic items that are assigned to parts that may be hidden (eg. forearms, shoulder, torso gear, thighs and shins) to selection. If this is the case for you, the simplest way to freely equip/ remove these parts from your soldiers is to subscribe to the following mods:

Mr. Kablamm0Fish’s Empty WOTC Deco Slot (unlock these parts and add invisible option for standard XCOM soldiers)

and Nekoworkshop’s Invisible Parts for Hero (Faction) Units (for the Hero classes).


Q: Tattoos are appearing stretched/ clipped on the torso, can you fix it?
A: Unlike the bodies from the main game that do not accpet tattoos applying on the body, this torso body does.There is no perfect solution to "fix" this problem aside from either entirely disable tatoos to be accepted on the torso (where tattoos can create jarring cut off lines where the arm and the torso meets anyway), or create entire new sets of Tatoos with fixed UVs. As such I have decided to leave it as is.

Q: Vanilla Version?
A: There are no plans for vanilla version for any of my mods since I started modding way after WOTC was released. And because it’s way too much of a PITA. If you so want to port it over yourself and have proven skills to do so, contact me. 🙂

Q: Add face please?
A: When I know how and have the time to do so.

Q: I have a nifty screenshot featuring the mod, can it be featured on the preview screens?
A: Yes! I’m running out of ideas for cool screenshots, in fact I would encourage you to post a steam screenshot link down below, and I’ll choose some nifty ones to be up there, with credits for your image 🙂


Scarf wing prop visual may not refresh within customization screen upon unequipping. It is only a temporary visual error, you can still customize your soldier as usual. Back out the customization screen will fix it. Will fix when I find a solution.


All content belongs to their respective original author(s). All rights reserved.
– XPS Models by rolance and SSPD077
– Original Model by Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo

Mod ID: 1379500321


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