Honey’s Heavy Support Items [WoTC]

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Author: Honey the Bear
Last revision: 11 May at 18:29 2018 UTC



This mod adds Heavy Support Items, which are more effective than your standard support items and are obtained by performing the “Experimental Heavy Support Item” project in the proving ground that appears after completing the EXO suit.
Item stats and project cost are configurable in the config file.
This is a mod for the War of the Chosen expansion, not compatible with the base game.

Item List

Numbers can be changed in the config file.
Carbon Reflex Nerves
-Grants 15 bonus aim on reaction shots.

Circuit Breaker
-Grants +35 Hacking.

-Grants unlimited free reloads, forever!

-Grants unlimited slow regen, five uses of stabilize incase everyone else on your squad is bleeding out, and allows one use of an area of effect status effect curing.

Barrier Burster
-Grants 8 shields to the entire team until the end of your next turn.

Satellite Targeter
-Grants 10 aim and 10 crit chance on enemies caught inside the item’s area of effect.


-This mod features custom animations for XCom soldiers, which could cause problems maybe if you have another mod with custom XCom soldier animations. Maybe.

Please let me know about any bugs so I can fix them.

Special Thanks to:
cook447 for the excellent proving ground projects tutorial
rekinxxxl for the animation modding tutorial
turboyoyo for the blender arm model
munchbunny and Muppes for helping me understand how config files work