[WotC] Aggressive Chosen

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Author: Lago
Last revision: 13 May at 16:23 2018 UTC


"Watch out, I’m comin’ for ya!" – Chosen Hunter

This mod makes the Chosen Hunter and Chosen Warlock chase down your squad as soon as they teleport in.

This means you can no longer reliably clear the map of enemies before fighting the Chosen. They’ll chase you down and engage your squad whether you’re done fighting their minions or not. Expect messier fights: the Hunter and Warlock are much more dangerous when they don’t have fight you alone.

Chosen have two AI states, Activated and Engaged. Chosen start as Activated when they teleport in on the far side of the map, When your squad encounters a Chosen the music changes, they make a little speech and they switch to their Engaged AI. Unlike the Assassin, the vanilla Activated AI for the Warlock and Hunter will only close in if they’re the last enemy on the map.

This mod reworks the Activated AI for the Warlock and Hunter to be more aggressive. They’ll now move towards XCOM every turn, using their disruption abilities (Tracking Shot/Spectral Zombie) as they advance. Their Engaged AI (what they do once they’ve encountered your squad) is unchanged.

This mod also makes a small improvement to Chosen behaviour when capturing dazed soldiers: they’ll no longer spend all their actions running up to a dazed soldier, realise they don’t have enough AP left for Extract Knowledge and eat a full squad’s worth of flanking shots.

This mod edits the Chosen’s Activated AI tree and therefore is incompatible with other Chosen AI mods. You can make it compatible with Improved Chosen AI by Insane Elite by deleting that mod’s ChosenSniper::ChosenActivated tree in its XComAI.ini.