[WOTC] Electrical Damage Consistency

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Author: Udaya
Last revision: 29 May at 17:55 UTC


One of the noteworthy phenomena of XCOM 2 has to do with the abilities Capacitor Discharge and Bombard. Unlike Combat Protocol, Capacitor Discharge pierces no armor, and although Bombard is an ability Firaxis intended to promote as a free grenade for SPARKs, it neither shreds nor pierces armor like the EMP Grenade. This mod makes it so that both Capacitor Discharge and Bombard pierce all armor, and that Bombard is treated as electrical damage.

Furthermore, the Sectopod’s ability, Lightning Field, now pierces all armor owing to its electrical damage type. I had considered Whiplash for the same reason, but since it’s already a free move and deals extra damage to robotic units, I left it alone.